About me

My name is Arthur Carcano, and I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science with the InBio team at Institut Pasteur and Inria in Paris.

As part of, and apart from, my PhD work, I program in Rust and Python.

Research-wise, I design algorithms that:

I also carry-out these experiments at the bench to demonstrate their high-yield of information.

Before starting my PhD, I was a student at the computer science department of École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Paris, France.

While at the ENS, I graduated from the Interdisciplinary approaches to life master program, and from the Parisian master of research in Computer Science.

Contact me

If you manage to crack my state-of-the-art anti-spam cipher, you can e-mail me at art__r.carc__o+website@gmail.com, in French, or English.


Academic publications